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Daniel Indart Retrofits Ruben Blades’ “Pedro Navaja” for The Flash

Daniel Indart, founder and CEO of Indart Music and Latin Music Specialists, has licensed a new version of Ruben Blades’ hit song “Pedro Navaja” for Warner Bros. Pictures film The Flash.

Asked about the assignment, Indart explained: “They called me looking for a new version of Rubén Blades’ hit song “Pedro Navaja for a pivotal scene in the film. They needed this new version to be an original female version, with a more intimate, acoustic, organic, and contemporary arrangement.”

Pedro Navaja is the theme used to represent Barry's bond with his mother and the sense of loss he feels at her absence—in fitting with the song itself, which balances its upbeat tone with lyrics about a murder. Audiences are introduced to the tune in a flashback to Barry's childhood, which shows the pair in the Allen family kitchen.

The scene serves as a “turn-around” of the plot in the movie and a tender intimate flashback moment between the 10-year-old and his Latina mom. So, the new arrangement needed to be a piece of music that would convey the magic, tenderness, and intimacy of that moment.

Indart described the challenge: “The original song by Ruben Blades had many tempo variations, and the actress had to sing to this track when they filmed her, so that required that I create a detailed “tempo map” of the original song to be able to match the tempo and perfectly synch the actress’s lips with the new track.”

“Because the new version had to have a new fresh, warm, and personal musical arrangement, I suggested a very simple and organic variation with acoustic Spanish guitars, Latin percussion, and acoustic bass. Finally, the revised version was performed by the gorgeous voice of one of my favorite LMS Records singers Natalie Fernandez. Her added intimate, contemporary, and fresh interpretation infused the track with the perfect feel and emotional color.’

Film Credit · "Pedro Navaja"         

Written by Rubén Blades         

Performed by Natalie Fernandez

Licensed Courtesy of Indart Music

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