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How To Get Latin Music Placed In Tv And Film

In this episode of #SyncMusicMondays, host K. Sparks interviews special guests Daniel Indart & Sara Traina from Latin Music Specialists. During this episode they discuss longevity within music licensing, and how they have been able to gain so much success.

Daniel Indart is the Founder of Latin Music Specialists, CEO, A&R, composer, songwriter, producer, specializing in music for film, television and records, his credits include the theme song on NBC’s hit “KingPin,” music for HBO’s “The Sopranos”, and Showtime’s “Dexter”. This energetic entrepeneur owns and manages six companies that provide a full range of music and production services: Latin Music Specialists, Indart Music Publishing, Grinner Music Publishing, Hot Latin Tracks and Indart Music and Sound Productions.

Daniel experience with Latin music goes back more than 30 years of award-winning productions in all styles of Latin music for the US Hispanic Market. Recently Daniel has expanded his operation to include a wider range of production services. He’s always thinking of leading the pack somewhere new.

Sara Traina is the Founder of Latin Music Specialists, Artist; singer; songwriter; Vice-President/Producer, Indart Music and Sound Productions; CFO/A&R/Executive Producer, LMS Records, Latin Music Specialists, Hot Latin Tracks Library, Indart Music Publishing and Grinner Music Publishing. Born in Caracas and raised in Cleveland, she relocated to Los Angeles in 1984 to help partner, Daniel Indart, establish and develop a small music house. It’s grown. Incidentally, her TV and film credits include The Shield, CSI Miami, CSI NY, American Family, Sleeper Cell, Cold Case, Jake 2.0, The Handler, Club House. Credits for independent films and commercials are too numerous to list.

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